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If only we had known?!

“If you had known Mr. Rodney Krzykowski had unpaid tax debts, would you have voted for him?? The petition has already been filed. It is now imperative that the RCS community let Dr. John King know if they would have voted differently! For those of you who did not vote, would you have if you knew someone who refused to pay taxes was vying for a BOE seat? Perhaps it would have motivated you to cast a vote for a more suitable candidate. Yes – he received enough votes to garner a seat. So did Richard Nixon! However, that in no way absolves Mr. Krzykowski from his obligations, under the law, to pay his taxes. We all have to! So, if you feel you were deceived…or would have voted differently, please let Dr. King know it NOW! Click HERE for NYSED contact information! Thank you. 


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TU Editorial: In Ravena, Seeing the Light
A petition (already filed) calls for the removal of an objectionable school board member.
The antics of Rodney Krzykowski diminish respect for an entire school district.

Finally, some encouraging news to pass on about the study in dysfunction known as the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk school system — a promising development that’s perhaps worthy of the civics curriculum there.

It’s about, no surprise, Rodney Krzykowski. He’s the self-described “sovereign citizen” who refuses to pay either local school and property taxes or state taxes. How he can justify such defiant actions could be worth study by a smart RCS student.

What makes Mr. Krzykowski an altogether more maddening figure is that he’s an elected member of a school board that’s its own collective embarrassment.

The same guy who won’t pay his own taxes — delinquent to the tune of more than $100,000 — apparently has no compunction about making decisions about spending other people’s taxes. He’s even a member of the school board’s finance committee.

And now comes Matt Miller, president of the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk teachers union. He’s had enough of a farce that casts aspersions on the entire school system, even the teachers and administrators who are both ethical and competent. He wants Mr. Krzykowski off the board.

Good for Mr. Miller. And good for the unnamed Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk resident who signed Mr. Miller’s petition calling for the state Education Department to remove Mr. Krzykowski.

Talk about a cause worth embracing. Even a cursory look at the petition reveals a wake of pedagogical carnage created by Mr. Krzykowski.

Mr. Miller and his anonymous ally specifically cite how on “numerous occasions members of the community have expressed outrage, negativity and mistrust towards the board.”

Indeed. So let’s hear, loudly and clearly, from those people, too. A pair of exasperated signatories isn’t about to pressure the Education Department to do much of anything. But a sustained, grass-roots effort across three towns in southern Albany County might push the state to take such an admittedly extraordinary action as undoing the will of the voters — voters whom, we suspect, are having more than a few second thoughts about their choice.

It also might make Alan McCartney, the interim school superintendent, take the debacle created by an anti-tax subversive more seriously. He’s too quick to try to deflect what’s obviously an awkward situation for him and other Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk administrators.

“Mr. Krzykowski as an individual is being challenged for his qualifications to be on the board,” Mr. McCartney says. “The only one that can make that determination is the commissioner. We really have very little part in it except for that he’s on the Ravena board.”

That’s some serious exception, Mr. McCartney. Surely the district has something to say, from the standpoint of professionalism and citizenship, about a board member who has achieved a special level of prominence and infamy.

He’s not alone, of course. Board President John Vadney brought further embarrassment upon the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk schools with his arrest earlier this year on charges of harassing the father of the former school board vice president.

And let’s not forget last spring’s school budget election, which prompted a state investigation amid suspicion of the reported results and allegations of voter fraud and illegal electioneering.

An interesting case study for a civics paper, indeed. If only this was merely an academic exercise, and these individuals weren’t in a position to affect the education of some 2,000 young people or make decisions affecting more than 14,000 citizens.

Time to get rid of Mr. Krzykowski, and his ally Mr. Vadney, too, for that matter, and take back the schools. Spread the word, Mr. Miller.

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