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Click right here, sign petition, say goodbye to Rodney! It’s that simple! via @change


(excerpt below taken from online petition)

This petition will be delivered to:
Dr. John B. King Jr.,
Commissioner of Education

There is a petition (complaint) that’s already filed with the New York State Education Department, to remove Mr. Krzykowski from the RCS Board of Education. The petition alleges that Rodney Krzykowski refuses to pay school or property taxes. It is estimated that the amount owed to the school district and to the town is over one hundred thousand dollars.
Mr. Krzykowski has proclaimed in several legal documents that he is a sovereign citizen. A “sovereign citizen” often claims that they are not answerable to legal statutes and that taxation is illegitimate. A statue can be defined as legislative authority that governs a state, city or town.
If Mr. Krzykowski does not recognize governmental agencies or taxation then he should not be allowed to be a member of an organization that is responsible for the oversight of a community’s taxes. Rodney Krzykowski currently sits on the school board’s finance committee.
It is time to stand behind the petition filed with the state Education Department. This petition needs to be signed to ensure that those with the responsibility of protecting the legitimacy of a school board, hear your voice.


To:  Dr. John B. King Jr., Commissioner of Education
Remove Rodney Krzykowski from the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk School Board
[Your name]

You can also access the petition by CLICKING HERE.