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Click here, sign the petition, get Rodney removed!


UPDATE: Petition to remove RCS Board Member Rodney Krzykowski elicits over 200 signatures!

There’s still time to sign! Click the link above and let Dr. John B. King Jr., NY Commissioner of Education, know how you feel! We are a district that is spread across many miles. It’s time to unify the “north” and “south” ends. Doesn’t matter if you reside in Glenmont or New Baltimore, there are many who don’t accept that this is the best we can give ourselves and our children. Here’s what some of your neighbors have to say. Why not let your voice be heard, too!



“In time like these finances are important to all of us who work and pay our taxes. If this individual chooses not to he should not have input on any tax increases that affect me personally.”



“I feel that someone who does not pay his own taxes and declares himself a sovereign citizen should not be on any public school board, and certainly not be on any finance committee. He sets a very poor example for others, adult or child. Where would we be if all U.S. citizens felt as he does?”



“It’s about responsibility. It’s about paying it forward. It’s about our future. Why would anyone expect that they do not have to pay their school and property taxes but expect to represent good citizens that do pay their taxes? It’s hypocritical.”



“I care about the children of our district. I am a former NYS employee for over 33 years and a taxpayer, who pays my taxes in a timely manner. Since my retirement more than four years ago I have volunteered in the education of 1st graders in the RCS district. My husband Ronald and I are distressed that Rodney Krzykowski has been allowed to remain on the RCS School Board, and serves on the Finance Committee no less. Please remove him as soon as possible.”



“A “sovereign citizen” should not authoritatively participate in a community they are not a part of.”



“Very Important information about this candidate was withheld from any biography info given prior to the election. This would certainly impacted my vote and many others. Being elected under false pretenses should be a crime and this member should be removed immediately.”



“A person who refuses recognize the government’s right to collect taxes should not be permitted to serve on the board of a school district. Schools require taxes to function, and having a board member who flaunts the requirement that citizens pay taxes undermines the authority of that board. It is especially ironic that he serves as the head of the finance committee; making determinations regarding the use of taxpayers’ dollars, to which he contributes nothing.”



“I never voted for this man, but this information was not known to the voting masses before he was elected. If it was, I am confident others would have made a different choice. It is a great distraction and keeps our district from taking care of the important issues and discussing education. He prefers to educate us on mushroom dirt! Please remove him.”



“I have worked in Ravena for almost 20 years. 1. A person who refuses to pay school taxes has no legitimacy for allocating the use of taxes. 2. Mr. Krzykowski and his slate of friends on the school board have created the most partisan, unproductive Board I have seen there.”


Click HERE and let your voice be heard, too!