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It Is That Time of Year Again!

Spring: the season of transformation. The snow has melted, flowers are blooming and the days are getting warmer (hopefully). It’s also a time of change for the RCS community and their schools.

We have an important vote coming up May 21:
The RCS Budget Vote.

In addition to deciding the fate of our school budget, there are several board seats up for grabs. I’d like to direct you to some pertinent information on the candidates. There was a Q&A session at A.W. Becker last week. For anyone who missed it, please watch by clicking HERE.
“Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.”
-Thomas Jefferson
The intent of this site is to provide fact-based information and encourage people to stand up and call out inaccuracies when they see them. Our Board President, Mr. John Vadney, stated (at the Becker Q&A):
“The board is not broken, the community is broken!”
-Mr. John Vadney
I partially agree. The community is beaten down. We are tired of the self-centered shenanigans of some of the board members. We are sick of being ashamed. Our neighbors are leaving. Property values are in the tank. But has Mr. Vadney bothered to take a hard look at why? What are some of the forces tearing the community down?
For starters, we have a “town crier” hurling online insults at residents, for over a year, for simply asking questions at public meetings. It baffles me that Mr. John Vadney has never publicly stood up and denounced this. The site attacks people who may have even voted for him. Some citizens speculate it’s linked to a relative. If this were untrue, why not stand up and distance yourself from something so foul? Clear your name and that of your relative. But, that’s never happened. As a voter, that bothers me. If the accusation is not true, then stand up and help “fix” us! Call for unity and chastise the disparity!
What we, as a community, must continue to do, is question those who want our votes, and the privilege of representing our wants, needs and ideals.
So, I would like to encourage everyone to visit the RCS District Site by clicking HERE and read the candidate bio’s carefully. Watch the Becker Q&A. Take note of the candidate’s claims, qualifications, promises and positions…and question the validity of statements that may appear suspect. And, most importantly, continue to ask your questions until they are acknowledged and answered.

Never forget that this is your right! 


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