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Question Your Candidates Tuesday

Those who missed their chance to question the RCS School Board candidates last week will get another shot May 14!

A Budget/Board of Education meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 14, at 6:30 p.m. in the RCS High School Auditorium. The meeting will be followed by a “Meet the Candidates” forum.
This forum is your opportunity to have your questions addressed. It’s a wonderful way to clarify any doubts before casting your vote May 21.
While many relevant questions were raised at last week’s forum, some answers need further clarification. Several community members left with doubts as to the truthfulness of the claims some candidates made.
Mr. Laszlo Polyak reiterated several times that he was an SED, broker, and even a teacher. This information does not appear to be verifiable through any public source. I’m not saying the statements are false, I just think the issue requires more exploration.
So, perhaps Mr. Polyak can elaborate on this topic Tuesday and put our minds at ease.
Eyebrows have also been raised over Mr. John Vadney’s statements regarding his involvement with the CEIP Program. The Career Exploration Internship Program (CEIP) assists students in understanding the linkages among school, work, and post-secondary education. The program hasn’t been taught at RCS since the last person certified to teach it retired. There is speculation that Mr. Vadney has had zero involvement with CEIP.
Maybe Mr. Vadney can clear this up by detailing exactly what it is he did for the program, and elaborate on the extent of his involvement. Perhaps back it up with some verifiable proof.
We are all aware of how RCS has been portrayed through local media outlets. We can take the easy route and blame them, but the bottom line is this:

They would not be reporting on these events if they weren’t happening!

So, instead of sweeping everything under the rug, lets clean house once and for all!
I believe there’s a saying: “No news is good news.” The media reports on events that occur everywhere in the state. It is not logical to believe they’re just hanging around our town out of spite or over a vendetta. If there was no news, they’d be gone. So if we stop giving them fodder, the bad press disappears. How do we do this? By being inquisitive and informed about who we elect to represent our home. Support quality, dignified people who will serve honestly. If we can achieve this, the tarnished perception the Capital District has of  RCS will soon fade away.
We are a positive place, with great people, who bend over backwards to help each other get through tough times. I’ve seen strangers hold fundraisers for people who’ve lost homes to fires, drives to help pay the medical bills for sick children, people going out of their way every day to do the right thing: regardless of whether they know the person or not.

It’s time to put our best foot forward and replace the selfish with the self-less!

Review last week’s candidate forum by clicking HERE.
Read budget bio’s and information by clicking HERE.

Gather your thoughts and come to the RCS High School Tuesday, May 14, at 6:30 p.m., and get informed!


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