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You Gave THIS To My Mom??

While reading an RCS BOE candidate profile HERE, I couldn’t help being irritated by a  few statements made by a Mr. Laszlo Polyak. Mr. Polyak is vying for a seat on the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Board of Education. From his bio:

…He also said that he has provided online information, including a locally controversial blog, to area senior citizens who are uncomfortable using the Internet.
“First, it’s free-speech,” Polyak said to off-duty Town of Coeymans Investigator Gerald DeLuca. DeLuca asked Polyak at this year’s Meet the Candidates night about his involvement in a controversial blog that comments on local officials and events.
“One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. That’s why we have free speech,” said Polyak, who mentioned that he did interact with the blog, posting occasional commentary and responding to the commentary of other posts…”

First, from a voter’s standpoint, why would I support a candidate who helps produce content for something that tarnishes our town, divides us and makes our schools a laughing stock? If I search Google for anything related to our town, I get rows and rows of links to this trash. People wonder why RCS has such a bad reputation? Well, look no further….

Secondly, I just want to know how senior citizens feel about this; their reactions when handed this pile of paperwork? Or, better yet, their shock when they find out it can be seen by the world (including any out-of-town children, grandchildren, friends and siblings). Are they thrilled about the way we are all portrayed? Disgusted? Maybe they are never explained the extent in the first place.

A lot of our senior population have been around for generations. They love it here – witnessing the “highs” and hanging tough through the “lows.” I can’t believe they’d appreciate being called Nazi’s, simpletons, dumbasses or being referred to as inbred or simpletons.
And, let’s not forget all the colorful illustrations! Does Mr. Polyak include them? Like the one of a pig having sex with a duck (or was it the other way around), the toothless redneck I can only assume represents townsfolk, the animated obese people, the references to whores, and the ever-popular guy with his head stuck up his ass.

Do seniors receive full blog content, in the interest of “transparency?” Or, is Mr. Polyak selective, only supplying bits and pieces to skew reality?

Maybe or maybe not….
I do know my senior citizen mother would be more “uncomfortable” with some stranger handing her this crap, than powering up a computer and searching the World Wide Web on her own! I can only imagine what the recipients must think when handed the “manifesto.” Offended, insulted, angered, irritated, bothered – those would be logical reactions. Heck, some might even be afraid of the person handing them something like this and call the cops!

Our senior population deserves more credit!

They don’t need Mr. Polyak’s brand of information dissemination to figure out for themselves what they should believe, how they should think and who/what they should vote for. Who the hell is Mr. Polyak to tell someone who’s been in town, probably 20-30 years longer than himself, which way is up? Despite the inference from our “town crier,” seniors are not “dumb sheeple.” They are PEOPLE! So, next time Mr. Polyak is out at the senior center, maybe he could brew some coffee, have a seat and – for once – listen to them! In their infinite wisdom, they may be able to teach him a thing of two!

If you are interested in the history of our wonderful community, get the background from a reliable, uplifting source. Did you know that Ravena/Coeyman’s has a historical society? You can find their website by clicking HERE. You can also find background on the village HERE.

Budget and candidate vote is May 21!

If you know of a senior who may have a hard time getting to the polls, don’t hand them paperwork, OFFER THEM A RIDE!!


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