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Denial Ain’t Just a River in Egypt!

I try hard to keep this blog civil, not engage in name calling, derogatory terminology or graphical “enhancements” that most of us have grown accustomed too. However, sometimes,  it’s very hard not to lash out. Sometimes? I can’t help but place my head in my hands or shake my fists in disbelief over what I read or hear. I like to believe that it’s just a simple few who can’t stop drinking the Kool Aide; who are in total denial of what’s going on around them. Surely, they must have heard that old saying:

“Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt!”

So, the Times Union wrote another editorial about our Board of Education issues. As a result, we are now going to deal with the smoke-and-mirror tactics of the severely misguided. Our “town crier” whines:

“So the Burning Question Is: Who Has Gotten the Albany Times Union to Publish More Garbage on this Community. Who In This Community Is Feeding Them The Junk That the Albany Times Union is AGAIN Printing About Our Community….”

Really?? Someone must be tipping them off? Gee – who could it be?  Perhaps, the simpleminded nit-wit who keeps churning out the hate on the Word Wide Web? It’s time to power down, crawl out from your basement, brush off the cobwebs and take a look in the mirror! If you believe otherwise? You’re beginning to look like one of those “head up ass” illustrations we’ve all been privy to for more than a year!

You wanna know why the reputation of our town isn’t very flattering?
Here are some possible reasons:

1) The board president, Mr. John Vadney, ran afoul with the law not too long ago. He has been obsolved of his crime, but who wants someone prone to legal problems sitting at the helm of a school district? Talk about a media red flag and a P.R. nightmare! Why not stock the pond with those who have less baggage? “Boring” people usually don’t generate a media fray…

2) The board president’s wife, Dawn Vadney, filed a notice of claim for millions against RCS (that’s the tax payers, folks). The wife of an incumbent who claims to run on the ideals of fiscal constraint. If John Vadney’s wife ever follows through? Who do you think will vote on her settlement? Can’t understand why the news reports on this? Where else is this happening?

3) We have a blogger that some have speculated is the brother of our board president. Maybe, maybe not. This person is so concerned with our town and mending fences that he/she issued a call for “unity” a few days back…only, not quite one a lot would see as beneficial:

“….We really want to know and you should really want to know who’s getting the Albany Times Union to again focus their vile attention on our community. Once you identify who’s feeding that useless rag, take her or him out and lynch’em! Tar and feathers is too good for them!”

Yes, “tar and feathering” is too good for those of us who don’t believe as he does. We all need to be “lynched!” Sounds more like a call to violence than an invitation to sit down, work out differences and move forward (and, just in case that post disappears, several copies have been made).
But, again, this sort of thing is commonplace, right? So why would the media care?

4) Mister Laszlo Polyak. For most, those three little words are explanation enough. But, for clarification purposes, Mr. Polyak, by his own admission, has stated he gives this blog to senior citizens and even contributes to it. Perhaps it is Mr. Polyak who is calling for this lynching. Maybe or maybe not. He equates one’s free speech to another’s TERRORISM. I suppose I agree – the threat of a lynching could be taken as terrorizing citizens who don’t see things his way. It could even be construed as election interference! I assume we’re only lynching the folks who aren’t voting for a certain, select three…
But, child’s play really….and, again, sure it’s going on all over the state of New York. Shame on you, Times Union, for beating down our “ain’t nothing to see here” community…

5) Ever search for something online, only to get a ton of results for something unrelated? There are lots of reasons for this…one of which is called keyword spamming. Our “town crier” engages in this practice substantially….to the point that, if you go to Google and search for “Ravena New York,” you will come up with pages and pages of this crap as results. Nothing from the Times Union, nothing from any other source. Just acres and acres of sewage penned by people connected to the BOE in some way, who have openly admitted their involvement with it. I bet when out-of-towners looking to relocate to the RCS area do a little online research and find all this, they must be tickled pink! Still wonder why your house isn’t selling? These researchers must love the pictures and all the intelligent insights. Bet their knocking down their mortgage broker’s door as we speak. For the spamming? I bet the Times Union would love to THANK our “town crier”…because he/she has made it so easy to find what’s broken at RCS by ever-so-eloquently spelling it out to the world! Talk about airing dirty laundry….I sure as hell wouldn’t buy a home in RCS after reading one of those posts!

6) This entire Latter/Ferpa thing. Think I’ll call it “FerpaGate.” I don’t know what that’s all about, but it appears to have happened several years ago….and it also seems to be something that created anger over issues of confidentiality. Well, okay. If privacy is what you’re after, WHY constantly plaster the issue on TU forums, “the blog,” and repeat it at board meetings over and over again?
Logic would dictate that you either A) LET IT GO or B) FILE A FORMAL COMPLAINT….because, by now? The entire planet knows of your privacy issue (kinda makes it not-so-private, doesn’t it)! Again, how does this make us look good? File a formal complaint…unless, of course, it really isn’t as it appears, and you have some personal score to settle, and just want to beat it like a dead horse. Maybe, maybe not…But, this is plastered all over the web and oh so easily found by any person looking for dirt.

7) Election problems from last year. Wasn’t it a Ms. Audrey Toussaint, alleged girlfriend of Jeff Lukens – a BOE member – who filed a formal complaint over our budget vote last year? Now, why ever would this be seen as newsworthy? If you’re looking for the tip-off on that one, I seem to remember seeing her on one of the local broadcast networks “airing our dirty laundry” to the world! Didn’t look like she was being forced to do so…Could it be that she tipped off the media in that case, making our town look bad? But, it appears she gets a free pass from LynchFest 2013…

5) The entire Rodney situation….If I even have to “go there” and rehash that train wreck? Well, just turn off the computer now and go back to your home in the land of gumdrops and lollipops. Someone owing over $100K  in back taxes, setting levies for the rest of us? Yeah – I can see how that happens all over the place. So, shame of you once again, Times Union.

6) The board’s stupidity in hiring an interim superintendent who’s shrouded in controversy. The state comptroller’s audit in 2006 accused this disgrace of taking $127,338 in questionable payments — including $84,283 more than his contract allowed in unused vacation time. Do I really have to explain how the media found out about this and WHY they would care?  This guy’s a “bad press” lightening rod! C’MON!

Everybody wants change. They want to move forward.
But no one wants to deal with the past!

Doesn’t anybody realize that the past is what’s holding us back?

It’s time to accept facts and man up! FIX what’s broken once and for all, and stop blaming everyone else for our homegrown problems! It doesn’t matter if the Times Union, WNYT, FOX, or whoever reports on these happenings. That shouldn’t be at the forefront or even a factor! The problem is that we HAVE these issue’s in the first place and they are not going away or being dealt with!

If anyone tells you all this is going on in every school district, they need to put down that wacky cigarette, sober up and GET REAL!

If you would like to send any concerns or comments about being “lynched,” or would like to point out any other abuses regarding WordPress blogs, please CLICK HERE!

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