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What Time Is It?

It’s GO time, RCS! 

Today, we attempt to restore our reputation as one of the best places to grow and prosper in the Capital District! For better or worse, we can start to focus on the factors that make CoeymaNITES want to stay here for generations. We’ve learned the importance of diligence, and the pitfalls of complacency. No matter what the outcome, we should all be proud! If there is good to be found, it is that people who may have never given each other the time of day have formed bonds, exchanged ideas and worked towards common goals. Many who didn’t realize the extent of our problems are no longer ignorant – they are now aware and understand the importance of active involvement. I’ve met people who’ve called Coeymans home for generations…other’s for only a few years. Two groups often suspicious of the other’s intentions, breaking bread and laboring for solutions and change. And, our people have come up with a few excellent ideas: bottle drives for field trips, fundraisers for playground updates, book drives, garage sale benefits and so much more.

We’ve talked the talk. Now it’s time to walk the walk!

I would like to share something I found online. There is no better advice than this:

When you find yourself at the high school May 21, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., ask yourself these questions before casting your candidate votes:

1) Do I respect this person’s values and ethics?
2) Do I know, respect and comprehend this person’s vision for the RCS District?
3) Do I believe this person has my child’s best educational interests at heart and understands the value of my tax-dollar?
4) Would I invite this individual into my home and allow him/her to make decisions about my child’s future?
5) Does this person know how to engage in conflict in an ethical and positive manner?
6) Will this person engage in conflict for the good of RCS as a whole?
7) Would I engage in a conflict with this person knowing that together we could work through it, compromise and come to a resolution?

It’s time to reclaim respect!


**PLEASE REMEMBER: Any resident 18 years or older can vote! Please bring a valid ID and/or proof of residency (a driver’s license will suffice)**

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