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Common Sense Prevails!
Ravena, Coeymans, Selkirk

Congratulations to Mr. Latter, Mr. Brown and Mr. Hyslop! And, thank you RCS voters for passing our school budget!
There’s nothing we can’t do!! This is our house and we’ve taken it back! The sideshow is over and the circus will be leaving shortly. Now, we can get back to the business of education, and start shaping RCS into one of the best school districts in the region!! We have wonderful teachers, involved parents and an unwavering sense of community. What we lacked was a board of ed willing to set aside petty feuds for the sake and betterment of our children and home.
NOW? We’ve got a solid foundation just waiting to be built upon. Our actions have shown that we are forward thinking and want the best for our kids…because we know that they will one day be our leaders – perhaps raising their own kids in RCS, starting a local business, or even running for the BOE. I have lived in several places…but never one where people worked so tirelessly for the kids. It really is all about them and their experience. There are many examples, but one sticks (no pun) in my mind: The Great Sticky Note Incident of 2012. What a selfless thing; how a local business stepped up so those kids could have their school-day memory…the one’s that we, as adults, hold so dear and often reminisce and reflect on. No one paid them for this. No one made them do it. It just came naturally. THAT, my friends, is the true face and spirit of RCS!
However, for the moment, I can’t help but feel compelled to gloat a wee bit…C’mon – don’t we deserve it? Well, since this is my blog and opinions, I say it’s okay – but just this once. Let’s just get one thing straight: I am NOT the media. It bugs me when people refer to bloggers as MEDIA. We are not. WE are everyday people, with too much time on our hands, expressing opinions…
Well okay – I think all the residents who have been harassed, beaten down, intimidated, afraid to express themselves, backed into a corner, abused online, on the phone and in public, let down, smeared, insulted, lied to, belittled, threatened, subjected to cyber-bullying, left to fend for themselves, followed around grocery stores, (well, you get the point), deserve a little self gratification and recognition for the hell they’ve been put through. So, in their honor?


One last thought: Now that there’s nothing to lose, wonder if Vadney will go through with that multi-million dollar lawsuit…hmmm….stay tuned, people…and keep your heads up!

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