So, what exactly is a sovereign?

Q: What’s the history of the sovereign citizen movement?

A: The first sovereign citizen movement began in the early 1970s. It was called Posse Comitatus. It gained popularity in the 1980s during a recession and farm crisis. Posse Comitatus was defunct by the end of that decade, but its ideas continued. In the 1990s there was another surge of activity when followers created “common law courts.” Activity increased again after the election of President Barack Obama.

Q: What do sovereign citizens believe?

A: All share an idea that the United States government has slowly replaced the legitimate government — one in which people followed God’s laws — with an illegitimate one in which people follow man’s laws. Sovereigns believe the illegitimate government — including courts, law enforcement officers and other offices that require permits or licenses — have no jurisdiction over them. They also do not believe they have to pay taxes. Recently some across the United States have tried to declare themselves diplomats and their homes embassies so they have diplomatic immunity. Others have tried to create their own fake law enforcement agencies and courts.
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They drive on our roads, maintained by the taxes we pay. They utilize the police, court systems and other emergency services, without so much as contributing a dime. “Personal beliefs” should not interfere with the lives and rights of others!

“Your Liberty To Swing Your Fist Ends Just Where My Nose Begins”

People work hard for what they have. How much harder are we working  to cover the sovereign’s deficits?? And, why is it our responsibility to police this? What could that money, if paid, do for our schools? A program could be reinstated. Perhaps a teacher could return. A sport, club or intramural might be revitalized. What much-needed supplies could be brought back into the classrooms, to enhance your child’s learning environment?? AND, what has this growing deficit cost all of US??? How has this debt affected the increase in our school tax levy? I think the constituents deserve an answer to all these questions, and some long-overdue oversight from the fine folks at NYSED!


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