Time For a Revival!

I believe in progress – not turning back the hands of time. Investing in our children benefits our community as a whole…as they will one day be our town leaders, business owners…perhaps even stay as residents. I am TIRED of the snickers and sick of being referred to as “SMAL.” I’m done taking guff from those who subscribe to “trailer trash mafia” tactics. And, I’m not alone! Every person who loves (or even tolerates) this place should demand better. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, single or a parent! You deserve – yes, that’s rightDESERVE – a home you can be proud of! Good people shouldn’t be besmirched by a classless few. We are not Godless devils, rats, Nazis, simpletons and/or inbreeds. Does that sort of name-calling, Neanderthal approach really work, and take our town’s best interests to heart? Does it illustrate respect on any level at all?? To most, common sense would dictate, “NO!” However, as baffling as it may seem, there are those who find this sort of tactic amusing and, in some warped way, beneficial to us all. 

Have some respect and dignity for yourself, and the people who share this place with you! 

If a random person in the “brick and mortar” world hurls insults at you, would you stand around and take it…or even chuckle?! Most of us work long hours, and spend little time with the people we love. What keeps us going, is that notion that all the hard work is going toward something we see as important: a home, child, husband, wife, partner, mother, father, schooling, whatever. I am tired of being robbed of this motivation; HOPE! I’m sick of the looks when I tell people where I live. Everyone has a right to have PRIDE in the place they call home! It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived here for a month or a lifetime! All of us work damn hard for what we have! And, right now, that’s being robbed from each and every one of us! It’s long overdue: It’s time for RCS to reclaim the respect it merits! I don’t think we are “smal!” We are good people! I think there are a lot of compassionate, smart and caring individuals here, who have the best of intentions at heart! It’s time the focus shifts BACK ON THEM and their contributions! The distractions are killing this place…and it’s time for them to go!